Above is Ch. Healy's Rollin And A Strollin, Ch. Hambone  We have been asked for many years to evaluate puppies and adults for other people so we have decided to have a page here on our Web Page, with a list of pups and dogs that other people are wanting and want us to help them find and select the perfect family companion or for breeding or to show. Look over this list to see if you may have a puppy or adult that you are wanting to find a new home for. Also, the people interested in this list below are people who have already owned a Saint, and do have experience in what it takes for their care, or they are people who we have already screened and of course have been told exactly what is involved with caring for a Saint.

1- St. Bernard Male pup Short-haired, From European Pedigree, that can be AKC reg. No American Bloodlines in the pedigree. Can be 8-12 weeks of age. Must have a good mask. Prefer Splash coat.


2-St. Bernard Male pup Long-haired, European pedigree, that can be also AKC reg. with Import/Export Pedigree, no more than 1/4 American bloodlines in the pedigree. Can be 8-12 weeks of age. Prefer good mask.


3-St. Bernard Female pup Short-haired or Long-haired European pedigree that can be AKC reg. No more than 1/4 Amer. Bloodlines in pedigree. Can be 8-12 weeks of age. Prefer good mask.


There are people waiting for these particular kinds of pups or dogs, and we have been asked to help them find what they are looking for, so if you have a pup or dogs like we have described please email us with the details, prices, photos of the sire and dams, and photos of your pup or adult. We can help you find a perfect forever home for your pup or dog, if it's what these people are looking for.

We will not be selling the pup or dog for you, we simply will be evaluating the pup or adult in advance, and giving our opinion as to whether the pup you have for sale is the quality the person is asking for and if it is priced correctly for it's quality.  None of these people just want some cute puppy, that, they could find themselves. All puppies are cute, these people are wanting pups or adults that are structurally sound and come from bloodlines that do not have the serious Health Issues of so many of the bloodlines and pedigrees of today.


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