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Healy Saints

Pictured is a Top Show Quality Puppy !

Don't expect to get one that looks like this one if you are wanting to Rescue a puppy or grown dog. And don't expect it to have the structure, meaning built as good as this pup nor will it have the Head or Over All Type as this puppy has. Not to mention the fact ths puppy comes from many generations of Top Quality Show St. Bernards, therefore there is naturally less of a chance of serious Health Problems.

So you are thinking about getting a Rescue Dog! Please read these issues first!

It is a good thing for a person to save the life of these poor dog's that come into the Rescue Organizations, and if you view doing this as a thing to help the number of Rescue Dog's that are homeless then fine.

But, do not expect to be getting exactly what you are wanting by thinking it's going to be the perfect pet for any family either.

In my 37 yrs. now of being a dedicated Breeder to the Improvement of this wonderful breed, I have learned the hard way about two experiences with two different Rescue people who had very little experience with this Breed.

Now the first one was a Rescue person in another state who had come in contact with two dog's that I personally had produced, he contacted me to see if I would take those two dog's back. I of course agreed to do so, even though the owner hadn't contacted me as he had agreed to do in a contract with me, if for any reason he couldn't keep his dog's they would be sent back to me. Well, this inexperienced Rescue person decided after seeing these dog's that he, would get them and come to find out the female was expecting again, she had just had a litter of 14 pup's, and was already expecting again, which only goes to show what kind of Owner she had. But, this Rescue person also backed out of bringing me these two dog's and ended up having the litter of puppies, sold them, as I have been told by several other people. And I've heard the mother of this litter is now dead, yet If this Rescue person would have allowed me to have this male and female back I could have at least gotten the female registered, where the owner didn't and she probably wouldn't be dead today, either.

Any breeder should be able to get their dog's back without the interference of some Inexperienced Rescue person.  I didn't work hard for 37 yrs. to enhance this breed to have Rescue people decide, what would happen to dog's I sold another person, but that is exactly what happened, in this case.

The saddest part of this story was the fact, the owner wasn't a responsible owner nor was the Rescue person a responsible Rescuer.  Now maybe some Breeders won't take their own dog's, they produced back, but when an owner has signed a contract that states they will make sure their dog comes back to me, it is ridiculous for any Rescue person to intervene and make the decisions for registered dog's.

This female that is now dead, had 25 pup's in about 5 months time. She was sired by a litter brother to the Number 2 St. Bernard in the Top Ten Saints in Canada for several years.  Hopefully, the $300 charged for each one of her pup's went into the Rescue foundation.


Now, my second experience with a Rescue person, who be-befriended me. She asked me if I could keep some rescue Dog's for her as she had an extreme Emergency that had come up. She had previously told me that she had been having problems due to not having proper facilities to house all the rescue Dog's she was taking in, and that the vets charge too much to board these dog's. So I explained to her that no I really didn't want to do so and especially at that particular time, but she had a real Emergency, so she told me she had gotten approval with the head of the National Rescue Foundation for me to keep these dog's, until she could take them back. At first it was supposed to be for only a few days, then it turned into 27 days I had to keep 7 Rescue Dog's, whether I wanted to or not. And all the time being told that I would be paid a certain amount each day for each dog. I personally talked with another Rescue person who also said he had gotten this all approved by the head of the National Rescue Organization. So after waiting for weeks for these dog's to be picked up finally they were picked up, and I wasn't paid a penny for all the care, food, and even medicine they had to have. These were not healthy dog's when I got them yet they were all supposed to have been vetted.

This same Rescue person bragged to me that she had made as much as $35,000 a year just doing Rescue Dog's. Yet she had also told me that sometimes she doesn't spay or neuter the Rescue Dog's.

It's now been 3 yrs. since I was dumped 7 Rescue Dog's and even though I have written numerous emails to the Head of the National Rescue Foundation, I still haven't been paid a penny for all the work and care of these Rescue dog's.

So people do be careful IF you are thinking about Rescuing a St. Bernard there are people out there doing Rescues, that do not have any experience what so ever in this particular breed and there are people who are only doing it for the money they can get for the Rescue dog's and you may be getting a nightmare, with many problems, with the dog's health, Temperament, not to mention all the structural problems, and other genetic problems some of the Rescue dog's have.

A Rescue Dog may not cost as much money to begin with but be prepared to spend more at the vet office on some of these Rescue Dogs. And then having to deal with some of these so called Rescue people. If they were Rescuing these dog's with the Dog's well fare in mind they wouldn't be in the situation of having too many for what they are allowed to keep on their property, or they wouldn't have to keep the Rescue Dog's in crates every day of their life's.

What are they doing this for, rescuing these Dog's from one bad situation to another bad situation, (their own).   Not having these Dog's altered so they can not reproduce again, yet placing them in homes with children, when their temperament is not what it should be. Yes, all of these things are really going on today. I was just a victim of Two different rescue people and the way they chose to do things.

I should have been paid the money that was owed to me by the National Rescue Organization, but they have yet to pay me anything. I do have witnesses to what all I did to help this rescue person at a time of great need, and I helped those 7 rescue dog's, but I will not ever again help another Rescue person with anything, nor will I ever again donate any money to any kind of Rescuer, or rescue Organization. Personally I now think it is a major Rip Off to the unknowing Public, what is really going on, with some of the Rescue people today.

Yes, the Rescue person who picked the 7 Rescue Dog's up bragged about selling two of them the day she picked them up.Then the Head of the National Rescue Organization told another Rescuer, that she would make sure that I got paid and that she was going to get the money from this Rescuer who had dumped that dog's on me for 27 days. The point is this, not too many people could have on the spur of the moment took in that many St. Bernards to begin with, and take good care of them, but I did, and what did I get for doing that Big a Job? NOTHING. Not even a Thank You Cheryl!

So Please do be careful when dealing with ANY Rescue person, now I'm sure there are a few who really have the wellfare of these dog's at heart, but trust me on this there are also some who find it a new way of getting money, from John Q. Public as she called the buying public.

In 37 yrs. of raising St. Bernards I have never heard of anything like what is going on now.

Thanks for reading this!

Cheryl Healy Ricketts

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