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Healy Saints

Here are some of the Healy Dog's that are owned by other people, and some that have been produced by other people. Also here are some reference letters showing how happy people are with their Healy Dog's.

I want to personally Thank all of those people who have shared their life's with one of our Healy dog's or Dog's from our Bloodlines. They do know how Healthy and Functional most Healy Dog's are. These are also people who have listened to us tell them how to correctly raise and very Healthy and therefore Happy St. Bernard puppy. Hat's Off to All of those who do appreciate their Healy Saints. There are many more who do as well and we will be changing this page with new photo's of other Happy Owners pup's and dog's as time goes on.

Thanks so much to you all,

Cheryl Ricketts

Here is two puppies produced by Craig and Janet Thacher, left to right is Healy's Holy Smokes O' St Creek, "Slash" co-wned by Cheryl Healy Ricketts and Sean Eden, and Stoncreek's Large And N Charge, (ptd) "Bruiser"

Here is "Bernie" Owned by the Persky's of NY. Here is an email Mr. Persky wrote to me recently.

Hi Cheryl:
Don't let jealous people bother you. When you sent me Bernie, my family's life changed forever. It's like we can not imagine life before him or definely without him. He is simply the best! We love him beyond words and Bernie gives us more love in return than is imaginable. Please feel free to give my information out to anyone interested in a Healy Saint and I will let them know your dedication, and the tremendous quality of your Saints. My family is in your debt forever.
Lady the female puppy is owned by my friend Jennifer and she feels exactly like I do about her.

Stuart Persky
I was referred to Healy's Noble Friends over ten years ago when I was looking for another Saint Bernard puppy.
Since then I have gotten three more dogs from Cheryl and her help and knowledge have been invaluable.
I can't count all the phone calls to ask questions, some major and some trivial,and she was always there and patiently answered my questions and shared her expertise.
With her help and guidance I have bred my bitches,raised litters, and learned to enjoy the show ring,
Thank you Cheryl for always being there for me and encouraging me when I needed it.
Janet Thacher
Thanks to Janet Thacher for sending me this painting of her "Ben" pulling Sally Ann and her two grand-chldren Zach and Danielle. This was taken from the photo on Janets Web Page, Stonecreek Saints, which is linked to our Web Page here.

Here is Bonnie Musto with her female "Healy's Look At Little Sister, CD, "Madeline" here "Madeline" is at the end of her Drafting Test.

I have two great dogs

I currently have two dogs of Healy lines in my household. One I got directly for Cheryl and one from another breeder who has Healy lines. The one bitch I have we were able to complete a Companion Dog obedience title, as well as receive two High In Trials at a local specialty. We now compete as a draft dog team. The other, younger bitch I have is competing in conformation shows and has 4 points including one major. We are training for obedience and have just started drafting. Both of these bitches are healthy, intellegent, and wonderful dogs for our home, the neighbors love them. I also have gotten lots of advice on raising these dogs from the breeders and a series of pictures of their ancestors which I find helpful. Please remember that dog people also have real lives and get busy with family stuff and may not be able to contact you as soon as you want because of family business.

Bonnie - Manassas, Virginia

Cheryl Is A Good Breeder!

I got my first St. Bernard from Cheryl on Christmas Eve, 2002. When Tally came to us at 6 months old I'd have to say I'd never seen such a gorgeous animal. She was absolutely the most stunning St. Bernard I had ever seen. Cheryl was there for us anytime we needed her advice on raising our St. Bernard. A Year later we got Tallulah.

Tallulah was 8 weeks old when we got her and just a beautiful little pup. My 2 girls are 2 and 1 year old and are the picture of health. They are very structurely sound and are happy and healthy. I'm nto sure if I hadnt followed Cheryls advice on raising these dogs that they would be the beauties they are today. Raising a Saint is not for the beginning dog owner. If anyone is interested in seeing my 2 beautiful AKC registered Healy dogs.

My dogs came with a 6 generation pedigree and the parents ARE AKC as well as the grandparents and so on! They are the most beautiful Saints one would ever want to lay eyes on and they are Healy Saints!

Christine - Smithtown, New York
Here is "Tally" owned by The Romano's of NYHere is "Talleulah" who is also owned by The Romano's of NYHere is "Tally again!
Bernie when he was just a baby. Notice how much our dog's change in their looks. Most St. Bernards from European Bloodlines will change dractically as they grow and mature.Here is the Persky girls, left to right, Melissa, Julia, and Amanda Persky with a new puppy named Lady.Here's Craig Thacher with a puppy named "Louise".  

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Experience Is The Best Teacher!
Old European Bloodlines combined with the Best American Bloodlines, to maintain the Best from all over the World. Experienced Breeder of many Champions and Top Show Quality St. Bernards. Excellent Quality Bloodlines brought together by an Experieced Breeder, to create the finest St. Bernards bred for the true qualities this breed should have as per the St. Bernard Breed Standard.

Siegfried's Of Dixieland
P.O. Box 332
Mt. Juliet, Tn 37121
Phone: 615-754-5805

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