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       Our Policies 

  1. We try to screen people who want to get one of our puppies. We naturally want the Best Homes possible. We spend a lot of time trying to help people all we can, with advice, and information about St. Bernards in general, and our Dog's, in particular. We do not charge people for our time spent helping them learn about this breed.  Once we have screened a person, and they have sent us a deposit for one of our puppies, and if they change their minds for any reason, the deposit is not refundable.  If, however, we could not provide them with a puppy, then the deposit would be refundable.
  2. We give a year warranty replacement against anything that is proven to be hereditary. As far as Hip Dysplasia, or certain other structural problems, determining and evaluating it's cause will Strictly be left up to Cheryl Ricketts and her Vets, which evaluation, will be based on her, and her vet's many years of experience with this large breed.
  3. At Siegfrieds Of Dixieland, we have always tried to promote the interest by getting people into showing their dogs. Showing is a Fun Sport for the whole family, and you take great Pride in having not only a great Pet, but also a show Saint. 
  4. We also offer our advice or help with any problems raising a pup of ours, and everyone who owns a Healy/Siegfried pup knows ,if for any reason, they can not keep their pup or dog they can return it to us.
  5. We at Siegfrieds Of Dixieland, expect all owners of St. Bernards to be responsible Dog Owners. This is not a breed to get unless you are absolutely sure, and you have done lots of research to determine it is the right breed for you. We hope owners of our pup's would trust our opinions and advice first and foremost, based on our familiarity, both with the breed and our bloodlines in particular. 
  6. We have a contract that states exactly what we expect of all owners of our pup's, ( their responsibilities as a good owner), and it states our responsibilities to those owners as Good Breeders.
  7. Anyone can call us at any time they have a question, sometimes we are very busy, but we will get back with you.
  8. Also we are going to know Our Bloodlines or the combinations of Bloodlines Better than anyone else will know them. We have owned many different Bloodlines so there are many of them that we know well. Most vets or even other breeders are not going to know our pup's or our Bloodlines, enough to Voice an opinion. Ours are very slow maturing, and developing, and they also live long lives, as a general rule.
  9. We are there to help people raise a happy, healthy St. Bernard puppy, and if they do choose to take an interest in showing we are there to help with that too.
  10. We will not share one of our special pup's with someone who will not even listen and trust us to help them.
  11. If a person shows a Healy/Siegfried dog to it's championship, and has used the Healy/Siegfried name in their advertisements, we will give them another Show Potential Pup FREE to start over showing with again.
  12. On all sales of Older pup's or young adults, you can see what you are getting, and it is a very wise decision to choose an older puppy we have raised, due to it having the correct amount of exercise and nutrition to develop properly, since this particular Breed really should be raised outdoors at least the first year of it's life. Sure it is okay to bring you Pet indoors to Love, but these Large Breed pup's should be allowed to grow up outdoors, most of the time, to insure, they can get enough exercise to develop to their potential. There is no need for any Warranty replacement on any older puppy or young adult, because we would have already experienced any problem if there was one by a year old, if it was in fact hereditary.



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Experience Is The Best Teacher!
Old European Bloodlines combined with the Best American Bloodlines, to maintain the Best from all over the World. Experienced Breeder of many Champions and Top Show Quality St. Bernards. Excellent Quality Bloodlines brought together by an Experieced Breeder, to create the finest St. Bernards bred for the true qualities this breed should have as per the St. Bernard Breed Standard.

Siegfried's Of Dixieland
P.O. Box 332
Mt. Juliet, Tn 37121
Phone: 615-754-5805

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