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Healy Saints

Here's and old photo for those intersted in History and in the Breed!

This is a female named Siegfried's Zenta O' Healy

Sired By: Italian Import Carlos Zum Sellenwinkle

Carlos was Imported by Col. Bill Hagel back in the early 70's

Zenta  took the championship points at this show her first show ever,

and this would have been right after her have a litter of pup's. Handled by Mike Shaw

 Only two male pup's, a Rough and a Smooth, that were sired by Ch. Hunk Von Mardonof

I named the Rough Ch. Healy's A Fist Full Of Dollars, and called him Anton

the smooth became Healy's Special Gift Hunk Jr. he was sold and was never shown.

The reason why I called the rough one Anton, was because his mother's sire Carlos was

a grandson of the Great Intl. Ch. Anton Von Hofli, owned by Dr. Antonio Morsianni of Italy.

This is a very rare Photo, but for those who do like to trace our Breeds History through actual

Photos of the old dogs and what came from them, this picture tells and thousand words. Enjoy!

Here's a photo of one of my first pups back in 1973 from my third litter of pups!

His name was "Bully" Taras' Waterloo I'm The Bull  Winner of Jr. Dog

Sweepstakes at the Birminham St. Bernard Specialty show. Bully is pictured here at only about

10 weeks old.

Sire: Siegfrieds' Taras The Bull (ptd)

Dam: Siegfried's Maude Healy

Here is Ch. Chip again this time at a show, where he had just picked up his

14th point, and had already won both of his majors. On this same show crcuit he came out

of the classes to win over a Champion who had just been pictured on the cover of Dog World

Magazine. It was a very exciting week end to say the least. He was handled by Jim Healy

and yes, that's a very tired Cheryl Healy Ricketts, after driving all night long to Fla.

Here is the Most Grand Noble Lady Of them All!

My Ch. Siegfried's Anjanette

Sire: Ch. Hunk Von Mardonof

Dam: Swiss Import Lori Von Rigihang

They simply don't come any better than this female was, and I was fortunate

to have been able to have her for my very first show female

I always set my standards very hgh after owning such a wonderful female.

Ch. Angie was my house dog back then, nothing could ever touch this female in movement,

and people would come to the ring she was to be shown in just to see this Saint move.

Here is my Ch. Prices Von Hunk, "Ch. Chip"

Sire: Ch. Hunk Von Mardonof

Dam: Swiss Imp. Lori Von Rigihang

Ch. Chip was a litter brother to my Ch. Angie, and when they were shown most of

the time Ch. Angie would beat him even though he was a male and long-haired

and back in those days usually a long-haired male would beat a short-haired female

for Best Of Winners. Ch. Chip was also know for his movement and his extremely

well developed shoulders, but he was wide no matter what the angle, you looked at him.

He is pictured here with a visisting friend.

Siegfried's Pups at Siegfried's kennel

Here are some Siegfrieds' pups at Siegfrieds St. Bernards in

Kansas City, Mo. Owned by Col. Wm. Hagel, one of the female pups in the background

is Siegfried's Baffie, who was the mother of our Ch. Ironman V. Lofty

years later.


Here are some Siegfried's puppies. The puppy in the very back is Siegfrieds' Baffie when

she was just a puppy, and she was the mother of our Ch. Ironman V. Lofty years later.

This is one of the very last litter of pups Col. Wm. Hagel ever had. And boy were they

the Goods!

Here is one of the last dogs I ever bought from Col. Wm. Hagel

back in 1989, I bought this young male and 8 other littermates of his

they were sired by the Netherland Import Siegfried's Dirk V. D. Sharomano

I combined the bloodlines of this male with that of my Ch. Ironman v. Lofty

then have spent many years purifying these original strains, bringing together the finest of that

time from Germany, and Holland.

Here is Ch. Chip again in a show ring handled by Jim Healy

I'm standing behind Ch. Chip and Jim with Siegfried's Arlette (ptd)

Siegfried's Arlette was sold to Japan

Arlette's sire: Ch. Hunk Von Mardonof

Arlette's Dam: Swiss Imp. Arlette V. Hazelbusch

Arlette was another one that you could lay a glass of water on her back while she floated around a show ring.

Here is Ch. Siegfried's Scarlett O' Hara, pictured

with Amanda Healy, Ch. Scarlett at 4 yrs. and

Amanda at 17 yrs.

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Experience Is The Best Teacher!
Old European Bloodlines combined with the Best American Bloodlines, to maintain the Best from all over the World. Experienced Breeder of many Champions and Top Show Quality St. Bernards. Excellent Quality Bloodlines brought together by an Experieced Breeder, to create the finest St. Bernards bred for the true qualities this breed should have as per the St. Bernard Breed Standard.

Siegfried's Of Dixieland
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