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Healy Saints
New Litter ! 

Here's a beautiful, and correct Type Short-haired Male,

with excellent markings and excellent pedigree, of some of

our finest bloodlines from all over the World.

Look below to see how much this puppy grew in only 2 weeks time.


Here is one of the nicest male pups we have produced in years.

He has excellent shoulder angulation and layback, beautiful strong

well developed Hindquarters, good rear angulation, Heavy bone for a puppy

who in this photo is only 4 1/2 weeks old. This boy is going to be Huge

when he is grown. He has a beautiful Head and Over All Type, and will be a

beautiful Deep Rich Red Mahogany color when he is older. With the pure white color

which makes him very flashy. He has the correct coat texture and is a short-haired

pup. This one is going to be a real Knock Out. He comes from some of the finest from

Germany, Holland from our Old bloodlines and he also has the Old Swiss blood, as well as

the Canadian Bloodlines in him. He looks like his uncle "Snowman", only in a short-haired dog.

Priced very reasonable for only $1100.. Full Interest, full registration. SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is another excellent male puppy, he is a Mantle perfect marked

excellent markings as per the Breed Standard, beautiful mask, perfect coat

texture. Excellent pigmentation, good eyes and eye color, heavy bone and good

front and back skull, and good cut of lip.  At this age they won't stay still so it's

really difficult to really show how structurally sound this puppy is. Priced very reasonable

$950. Full Interest and Full Registration. Deposits of $200, accepted now to approved homes only.


Here is another great boy! He is the runt of his litter, but many

times our runts will end up the biggest dog when they are grown

He too has some excellent qualitites, but we have priced him  less than

the other boys. He is prived very reasonable for only $800. This boy pup

should end up looking a lot like his sire "Soul Train" he is a perfect marked Mantle.


Here is a Beautiful female pup. She has beautiful markings,

Her mask is almost like you painted it on her, and she has a Monks Cap

and has good front and back skull for a puppy her age  her skull

is very well developed. She has a beautirul set of shoulders and

hindquarters, good heavy bone and substance. She is priced very reasonable

for only $950. we are accepting deposits of $ 200. on her and the other pups in

this litter, to approved homes only. They will be ready to be shipped out to

their new home in 2-3 weeks. We do make all the arrangments, for shipping and

it's a lot easier on a puppy than a long car ride. We do pay for the Health Certificates,

where our pups are completely checked out by the vet before being shipped.SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the same female showing the flashy markings on her body.


Here is another beautiful Male Mantle with all the other

markings as per the Breed Standard, except for the fact he

has a slipped mask on the right side the opposite Show side.

Now, he is still considered Top Show Quality because yes,

everything else about this male pup is the Best. He excells

in Structure and Type Head and Over all type. He is a great puppy for showing

or has everything a pup should have to be considered as a good

Stud Dog when he is grown. You just don't get any better structure

with a puppy that has this heavy a bone. He is pictured here at only

4 1/2 weeks of age and already is demonstrating many great qualities.

He is priced very reasonable at only $950. So if you don't mind an uneven

mask this is a fantastic puppy. SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is another beautiful female, who also has the same qualities as

the one listed about both of these females are excellent quality, and

have outstanding structure, good Head and Over All Type, and of course

coming from excellent old German, Holland, Swiss, and Canadian lines

these girls would be a great asset to any developed Breeding program.

We are accepting $200. deposits now to approved homes only. This females price is very

reasonalbe at only $850. All our pups come with a year warranty replacement against anything hereditary.


Here is our New Babies, right after being born!

Sire: Healy's Soul Train V. Siegfried, litter brother to Healy's Snowman V. Siegfried, *( Major Pointed)

"Train" is sired by Healy's Out oF The Blu Polar Exp.

Dam: Healy's China Doll

"China" is linebred on one of our Best Stud Dog ever, Healy's The King Of Rock N Roll, (Elvis)

This is a great combination of some of the finest Bloodlines from all over the World. We are accepting deposits right now for these very special Babies.  Email us for more Info, and to see if you qualify to own one of them. All pups are evaluated by me and all are very reasonably priced to their individual qualitiy.























































































































































































































Here is an outstanding long-haired female that

is Top Show Quality, and is developing into one of the best !

She has excellent structure is a Mantle with perfect

markings, Excellent Head and Over All Type. We are willing

to share her with a really good Show Home for the Spring Shows.

She is mostly German X Holland Lines, wth some Imported Swiss and Canadian.

Here is the sire of the litter, this is not a good photo of him due to hm having a completely blown coat.

He is a wonderful young dog, that excels in Head and Over all Type as per the Standard. He has excellent

shoulders, good strong hindquarters, and topline. Excellent color and pigmentation, is outstanding standing

or moving. With beautiful eyes, beautful neck. He is still growing and developing and will mature into a good size very sound Saint.

Sire: Healy's Out Of The Blu Polar Exp.

Dam: Healy's Hinky Dinky Par La Voo

Here's one of the best long-haired males I have ever seen.

Sire: Healy's Soul Train V. Siegfried

Grandsire: Healy's Out of The Blu Polar Exp.

Great grandsire: Healy's Benedict What A Guy ( ptd)

Great Great Grandsire: Ch. Healy's ron Ice Breaker Oh No

Great Great Grandsire: Ch. Ironman V. Lofty

Pictured at only 3 weeks of age.



Here is the grandsire of ths new litter! Informal Photo (summer weight and blown coat)

Healy's Out Of The Blu Polar Exp.  (DNA # V507240)

"Polar" is pictured here at only 18 months of age.

Polar is a Great Stud Dog and has been producing some of the finest pups we have ever seen.

Polar is a very active dog and structurally extremely sound dog, who loves to play and

get his beautiful white color, dirty. We allow our St. Bernards to be a Canine first, our Pets,

or Show Dogs second. If a Saint has good bone structure, of course it will be able to develop good muscle tone

like Polar is here. You want to have good muscle tone on your Saint, and maintain that

even if it is hot summer months, and they will all blow their coats, and of course not eat as much

as they do in the Winter time. Winter is the time to put weight on a St. Bernard. But, you should

try to maintan the muscle tone as much as is possible during the summer months too.

Polar is the perfect picture of Balance, every part belongs to him.

Here is one of the Top Show Quality Males we have that we

are looking for a Serious Show Home for this Spring.

I have personally raised this boy and he is as sound as

they come, not to mention Excellent Head and Over

All Type. He comes from mostly German X Holland lines.

Sold went to Show Home! Guess Who? Yep! This is the pup

who is now Healy's Snowman V. Siegfried ( mjr. ptd.) from

Puppy Class over grown dogs. Owned/Handled by Trey Healy

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Old European Bloodlines combined with the Best American Bloodlines, to maintain the Best from all over the World. Experienced Breeder of many Champions and Top Show Quality St. Bernards. Excellent Quality Bloodlines brought together by an Experieced Breeder, to create the finest St. Bernards bred for the true qualities this breed should have as per the St. Bernard Breed Standard.

Siegfried's Of Dixieland
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