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Healy Saints

Hi Everyone,

My Name is "BoJangles" Stoncreek's And The Beat Goes On

Sire: Healy's Benedict What A Guy ptd

Dam: Healy's Bella Of Scenic View Farms

I'm Proudly owned by Bill Thacher of MD.

Happy Healy Owners 
Ch. Kaboom

Hi Everyone,

Here is our Ch. Healy's He Dropped A Bomb On Me, Ch. Kaboom. This is a photo of my head, which shows how wonderful my Head type is. Excellent Front and back skull, with a good shaped muzzle not any pendant lips hanging down. And well set ears, with excellent pigmentation. Ch. Kaboom fit the St. Bernard Breed Standard.

Not all St. Bernards will fit the description of our Standard, in their Heads or over all Type. There are only two things that determine how good or how bad a St. Bernard you have got, and they are 1st- The Pedigree, and how well did the dog's in your dog's pedigree match up to the St. Bernard Breed Standard. 2nd- The Individual and how well your individual dog matches up to the St. Bernard Breed Standard.

Naturally the more things wrong or things that don't match up to the Breed Standard the more incorrect your dog is. It has for example become very popular to have Saints with Pendant Lips, this is incorrect, or Saints without enough front or back skull making the head appear smaller than the muzzles. These things are very wrong for what a St. Bernards head and Head type is supposed to be. regardless of how well you or someone else has accepted the Large muzzle no size to the head thing, it is WRONG for this Breed.

Yours In Saints,

Cheryl Healy


Happy in Colorado!!!!!!!!!!

Here is one of our Short-haired boys who is now in Colorado, in his new Show Home.

Happy Owners The Reed Family!

Here is Bonnie Musto with her "Amber" Stoncreek's Baltic Amber (mjr.ptd.) who is Co-owned with Janet Thacher, and Craig Thacher with "Amber's" Dam Healy's H'vn Sent T Stoncreek,(ptd)"Sally Ann" at a Dog show after they have both won or reserved.Stoncreek's Large And N Charge, (ptd) "Bruiser" with his Dam Healy's H'vn Sent T' Soncreek, (ptd) "Sally Ann" Bruiser's sire is Healy's Benedict What A Guy, "Ben" (ptd).
Bruiser doing his Work with his cart.Here's Janet Thacher and her Bruiser pulling his cart with some straw in it. Bruiser is always eager to help Janet out, like any good Working dog should.
Here is Healy's Canadian Connection, better known as "Tater"
his sire is Montmart's Tayler V. Healy and his Dam is Healy's Just Barefoot 'N' It. He is owned by Janet & Craig Thacher of Stoncreek Saints.
Here is our Ch. Healy's He Dropped A Bomb On Me. Yep, "Ch. Kaboom" pictured at only 18 months of age.
Sired by our Ch. Healy's Breakout Pandamonium, "Ch. Giavonni"

Here is Craig and Janet Thacher at a Dog Show with their "Daisy" Healy's Oopsa Daisy, (ptd) and their "Sally Ann" Healy's H'vn Sent T Stoncreek, (ptd) and our Ch. Healy's Great Balls Of Fire, "Ch.Fireball" We always have a good time at the Dog Shows, when The Thacher's show up at the same shows.

Informal photo's of Healy Saints in their pins. Here is a young short-haired male, from Swiss, German and Holland Bloodlines.Here is Long-haired male standing natural in his pin.Informal Photo of Healy Dog's.
Wonderful Short-haired male with a female long-haired pup.Again standing natural.Short-haired Male with Excellent Head and Over All Type. From German and Holland Bloodlines.Long-haired female casual photo.  
Taking a Swim in the Pool.
Here is "Bernie" owned by The Persky's of NY  "Bernie" enjoys swiming in his Pool, he is a fantastic Rough and has our Swiss and American Bloodlines in him. He shares his home with Stuart & Theresa Persky, and their three beautiful daughters, Melissa, Amanda, and Julia.

Here's Cynthia McGlone of Md. with her pup "Pebbles" Healy's A Piece Of The Rock, (ptd) and Craig Thacher again with his "Sally Ann" Healy's H'vn Sent T Stoncreek, (ptd) two very sound short-haired females.

"Pebbles" is sired by our Healy's The King Of Rock N Roll, "Elvis" and out of Montmart's Lucy V. Healy(ptd)

"Sally Ann" is sired by Healy's Cherokee Tom E Hawk, and out of Healy's Rose Anna Roseanadana.


Watch the photo's to the left, First is The Romano's pup's Tally and Talluelah, then Bill Thacher with a puppy Louise and her mother Daisy, the The Thacher's "Ben" out in the snow, and The Thacher's Sally Ann and Daisy greeting a child.

Saint Puppy

Here is a Typical Healy Puppy!  Oh Boy what wonderful Head and Over All Type, what is correct as per our Breed Standard. Not Over done and incorrectly shaped, with too many wrinkles on the skull and muzzle, oh no, but a perfect head with great eyes and excellent expression. Excellent pigmentation!

And what a beautiful little lady with "Healy's Sargeant Sabashtian" his owners are the "Persinger's" of Va. Who are very proud of their wonderful long-haired male puppy from Healy's Noble Friends! Watch out for this one when he gets all grown up!

Sargeat as he is growing up!

Here is "Sargeat"again and he is growing up alright. What a fine puppy this one is, I can't wait to see the Persinger's show this big boy.

Owned by David & Stacie Persinger of Raphine, Va.  Hat's Off To The Persingers for doing such a fine job with their "Healy's Sargeat Sabashtian".

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Experience Is The Best Teacher!
Old European Bloodlines combined with the Best American Bloodlines, to maintain the Best from all over the World. Experienced Breeder of many Champions and Top Show Quality St. Bernards. Excellent Quality Bloodlines brought together by an Experieced Breeder, to create the finest St. Bernards bred for the true qualities this breed should have as per the St. Bernard Breed Standard.

Siegfried's Of Dixieland
P.O. Box 332
Mt. Juliet, Tn 37121
Phone: 615-754-5805

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