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Frequently Asked Questions 


1- Do St. Bernards make a good Pet for a family with children? 

Yes, if they are raised from a puppy with the children, and of course some adults can fit into a family with children but I have always thought it best for a family with children to get a puppy.

2- Do all St. Bernards Drool? Yes, but they shouldn't drool or slobber excessively if their mouths are formed correctly. Now, if their mouths are not formed correctly then yes, they could drool excessively and that is incorrect for this breed.

3-How is the best way to go about finding a good puppy, one with as few genetic problems as possible. First of all you should do a lot of reading, about Dog's in general and then about this particular breed. So that you will know and understand Dog Terms. Of course you can research the Internet, but you can't trust everything that you find on the Internet either, so do a lot of studying first. Look at pictures in books like The St. Bernard Classic which I think is the very Best book on St. Bernards.  Then find a Breeder who has been around for a long time and has a lot of experience and knowledge about The St. Bernard Dog. then read the St. Bernard Breed Standard, until you understand it so you can see short-comings for yourself in dog's that you see in photo's or in person.

4- How should I select a good Breeder?  Well, certainly not by how popular they are or how many Dog Clubs they are in. Being a good Breeder means Dedication to this breed. A breeder who has for sure been in Saints for many years and has a breeding program, that has proven itself by producing many Top Quality dog's. The Better the Quality the more chance youhave a getting a good quality puppy.

5- What determines how good or bad a puppy is?  This is real Simple! There are only two things that determine how good or how bad a puppy or dog is. Number one is How good is the pup's or dog's Pedigree meaning how good did those dog's in that pedigree match up to The St. Bernard Breed Standard. And number two the Individual, and how good does it match up to The St. Bernard Breed Standard. There is absolutely nothing else that determines the Qualityof a puppy or dog but those two things, so don't allow anyone to Brainwash you into thinking differently.

6- Do I need to visit the kennel I want to get my puppy from to see the sire and dam first? This is okay to do if you are close enough to that particular kennel, and if it's okay at that time with the breeder. But, remember you seeing the sire and dam is not going to tell you the whole story, and especially if you are a Novice to begin with. You need to be alble to trust what ever breeder you choose to buy from so that they can help you with advise to rasie a Healthy and therefore happy puppy.

7- Does the breeder of my new puppy have to be a member of particular Clubs?  NO, unless you want to become a member of a social group yourself at some point in time. Just because a so called breeder is a member of some Club/Clubs does not mean they are experts in this Breed, now there are some very knowledgeable breeders who are in Clubs, but there are also some knowledgeable breeders who are not in Clubs. And you buying a puppy from some Club member does not make your puppy any better quality.

8- Why do so many Breeders run other breeders down so much?  That's just the Dog Game. I have seen this happening now for all the years I have been in Saints, even though if they are Clubs members they are not supposed to do this, but I have been asked this question a lot in recent years.

I will add more questions as time goes on, and I sincerely hope this helps someone understand.

If you would like to ask me any questions about your St. Bernard puppy or grown dog feel free to contact me by email

Yours In Saints,

Cheryl Healy Ricketts


Here is a short-haired male pup at about 8 weeks of age. Obviously he has a very strong rear for a puppy that age. There is a lot of care that goes into a St. Bernard puppy from start to finish before it can be considered to be shown or made a champion, but a lot of things must be considered about it's Over All Quality to begin with, and how well does that puppy match up to those paragraphs listed in The St. Bernard Breed Standard. The puppy's Conformation meaning (structure) the puppy's Head Type, the size of the puppy's Bone and Substance, the pigmentation, and color of the coat, it's eyes etc. This all goes back to those two things that determine How Good or How Bad a puppy really is as per our Breed Standard and how well did those dog's in his pedigree match up to The Breed Standard, we must all go by the St. Bernard Breed Standard and not just what we may or may not like. Always ask about Bloodlines the puppy comes from. Too much American Bloodlines in a pedigree could mean the puppy you are looking at, may have different kennel names up front of it's pedigree but go back further to make sure that they didn't all come from the same bunch of dog's, and if they did, then you will know that too much of the same dog's were bred together back in that pedigree. This has happened a lot in this country this is why we have so many other Bloodlines from other countries.
Here's a long-haired male puppy with an Excellent Head. You want to look for Black as the breed standard calls for when it comes to Pigmentation, you do not want Pink lips, or a Liver colored nose. You want dark eyes and them set well.  Besides structure which is also very important you want to look for a puppy that has the Correct Head Type and the correct Over All Type as per the words and paragraphs in The St. Bernard Breed Standard. And you will find this Type if the Bloodlines are good and those dog's in that pup's pedigree are good. Study particular Bloodlines, and look up photo's of the dog's in a pup's pedigree, ask the breeder you are thinking about getting a puppy from if they can provide photo's of most of the pup's relatives or not, and if they can't then they probably haven't been a breeder very long or they themselves don't know all about the dog's behind the breeding they just did. And you don't want that because things can go wrong even if you do know every dog in a particular pedigree, so just imagine all the problems you can run into, if a breeder doesn't have any idea about the dog's behind the breeding they just did to reproduce their puppies.
Here's the same puppy as above his name is "Stoncreek's And The Beat Goes On", ( Bo Jangles)  and boy has he turned out to be a fantastic young dog today. He is sired by Healy's Benedict What A Guy, (ptd) and out of Healy's Belle Of Scenic View Farms.  Mr. Bo Jangles is owned by The Thacher's of Md. And has been raised by us here at Healy's Noble Friends, therefore he is very structurally sound and a beautiful picture of Head and Over All Type as per our Breed Standard. Bo Jangles is a grandson of Ch. Healy's Iron Ice Breaker Oh No!

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Experience Is The Best Teacher!
Old European Bloodlines combined with the Best American Bloodlines, to maintain the Best from all over the World. Experienced Breeder of many Champions and Top Show Quality St. Bernards. Excellent Quality Bloodlines brought together by an Experieced Breeder, to create the finest St. Bernards bred for the true qualities this breed should have as per the St. Bernard Breed Standard.

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